Hopes for the future

As I write this, Christmas and New Year seem like a distant memory!
February is nearly here, and one month of 2019 has nearly passed, but never mind, plenty to look forward to – dull, dark, short wet days – yes, but SPRING is coming!

An old saying goes “February fill dyke – black or white”, meaning rain or snow.  We need lots of rain to make up for last year’s wonderful summer heat.

So what else can we look forward to? Politics, no! – definitely no!

The Brownies and Guides have their Thinking Day on February 22nd. This is the day when they think of others all over the world, and not themselves. Something positive, helpful and worthwhile. I believe it would be a good thing, and it would be a better world, if we did that always.

Or what about nice warm weather in the spring? We have to remember however that without damp, cold, gloomy days we would not appreciate the beautiful warm, sunny days to come.  Most of you are aware that I feel the cold – even in warm weather (inactivity does not help!)

Have you noticed that nature has recovered? The grass is green again and birds are pairing off. I have been watching the ducks and the moorhens in the pond by Hall Lane and the songbirds building their strength up at the bird feeders.

In the Benefice we are looking forward to news about a replacement Rector. The Rural Dean has been very helpful with suggestions and direct help in keeping our Church events and services going, especially in the schools and the nursing homes.

Our local retired priests, readers and Elder have continued their sterling work in the parishes over the very busy Christmas period – and now Easter is coming!

As members of each parish, many volunteers take responsibility for the day to day running of our churches, but they too have families and other commitments , and their own problems.

So please support your church in any way you can. Your presence will be appreciated.

Let us give thanks to God for all that we enjoy and look forward to.
GOD, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Bernard Abrey

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