Be thankful

It seems that these days, whenever when we read our newspapers,watch our televisions(or even check our phones) we are bombarded with bad news.
Dreadful accounts of death, destruction, hatred and intolerance everywhere. The media would have us believe that our world is a wicked place and getting worse every day. “What is the world coming to?” was one of my Grandmother’s sayings, and we can echo that. It is so difficult to find any good news to celebrate

If we are not careful we can be overwhelmed by the pessimists and naysayers, and begin to wonder if anything good can be happening in the world. It is no wonder that so many people, especially recently with the advent of instant news into our lives, seem depressed and anxious.

But if we look back in history the world has always suffered from natural disasters, from cruel wars and dreadful outbreaks of disease.  Nowadays however, there is much more chance of being able to help those who are in trouble quickly, to treat and cure those who are suffering, to address the problems of climate change

As we know when disaster strikes, good, brave people will risk their own lives to bring aid to those who are affected.  Recent miraculous medical advances are pushing ahead to combat and ameliorate diseases, which once would have been deadly.

We in this country are especially fortunate that we have the freedom to vote and to worship as we please. There is a fair justice system and the hungry and the destitute can be fed and cared for. We are truly blessed.Whilst we must always continue to work and pray for those who are in need, we should try to be as happy as we can, and  celebrate all the good things we have been given.

No matter where we are in our life’s journey there is always something we can enjoy and celebrate each day.
Even in difficult times it might only be a welcome cup of tea, a smile from a friendly passer-by, the joy of seeing the beautiful countryside which surrounds us.

God has given us so much to be thankful for!

Annie Throssell
Lay Elder

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