In need of a Holiday

We were in need of a holiday – at least a change of scene to enable us to get away from the everyday household and gardening routines. So where should we go?

We settled for Shropshire and Derbyshire. The changes of landscape alone were refreshing – but the weather was no change – just as wet where we were as at home in Suffolk! After twelve days we came home – and what a change, we hardly recognised our garden!

The flowers in our beds and borders were gloriously abundant – and of course, so were the weeds! Just like the parable Jesus told! We had sown good seed (and planted healthy young flowering plants) but we certainly didn’t plant any weeds: yet here they were threatening to out grow and smother our planting…… and the worst of them was the goosegrass. It had covered virtually 50% of our ‘Rambling Rector’ and was climbing all over other tall plants – and it is so difficult to remove.

However if we are to enjoy the flowers and vegetables (for the goosegrass was also threatening the runner beans, courgettes and rhubarb) it had to be tackled immediately – and that’s a parable for today. By all means enjoy a holiday and a change of scene from the routine of daily life, but don’t think you can escape the consequences of being away.

Anyone who is a carer should have regular breaks from caring – times when other people take over the caring and they can relax, free from the tensions that build up when you are solely responsible for someone else’s welfare…. But a ‘break’ is just that, and when it ends the carer has to resume their responsibilities.

As the “holiday season” nears, be grateful for any opportunity you have to “take a break”: and be mindful of those around you who are unable to go on holiday…. And perhaps offer to take them out for a day, or just cook them a meal – anything to “give them a break”

Revd Lawrence Pizzey

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