Pentecost Doves

I hope that many of us have been making and discovering the Hope Stones, a project which helped to bring the whole community together to celebrate the weeks of Easter, and spread Joy, Love, Peace and Hope for everyone, especially during this difficult and worrying time of lockdown.

To celebrate the feast of Pentecost which falls on 31st May this year, we have tried to spread the good news of Pentecost – that God’s Holy Spirit, which Jesus promised us he would send, is indeed with us here and now, in everything we do. When we start to understand this wonderful gift, we are made as brave and  filled with love as the first disciples were, in that locked room 2 thousand years ago!

We have worked with the schools and the church families in every parish to involve as many people as possible. We have encouraged every household to make a white dove, either a simple one from card, or as varied and fancy as desired to hang in the window (or outside on a tree or bush – weather permitting) to spread the good news to all the passers-by, that God’s Spirit is indeed with us!

It is suggested that a prayer can be written on the dove, a prayer for the sick and those who care for them, or indeed for anyone we know, and of course you need not stop at one dove – you can make a whole flock!

Depending on when you get to read this, you might have seen Pentecost Doves appearing in your village already – but it isn’t too late to make one now!

Don’t forget you could take a photo and send it on to us – we plan to produce a short Pentecost story video so do look out for that too!


Lord Jesus, come into our hearts and lives we pray,

come with your love, with your joy and with your peace.

Come Holy Spirit dwell and empower us to reflect your love

so that we can love and serve those we meet.

Help us to share the gifts you give us with others,

knowing that you have chosen us

and we are loved by you for all time.

We ask this today. Amen.

Revd Lynda, Nicola and Annie

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