Easter Riddle

Dear Friends,  some people are fascinated by numbers, some are addicted to Sudoku. Let me share a riddle:   A farmer had 3 sons, and also 17 camels. The time came when he was ready to share his estate with them giving the first son one half, the second son one third, and the third son … [Read more…]

Be thankful

It seems that these days, whenever when we read our newspapers,watch our televisions(or even check our phones) we are bombarded with bad news. Dreadful accounts of death, destruction, hatred and intolerance everywhere. The media would have us believe that our world is a wicked place and getting worse every day. “What is the world coming … [Read more…]

Praise and Play

Praise and Play. – Town Estate Room, Barrow In line with Government instructions these sessions have been suspended until further notice. Every Wednesday during the school term, a small group of Mums, Grandmas and carers bring along their babies and toddlers to join with us, playing, chatting and singing. We also have a story and … [Read more…]

Friends and Family

Friends and family are vitally important to us. They keep us grounded, they help to define us. They are the ones we call on when we are in trouble. We are the ones who care for them when they need us. The word “friend” has been rather debased by social media, hasn’t it? A friend … [Read more…]