St Nicholas, Little Saxham


St Nicholas’ Church has the most spectacular Norman round tower in Suffolk, the crowning glory of this beautiful building.  The chancel probably had a Norman apse, replaced in the 14th century to accord with liturgical changes.  The vestry houses the massive baroque funeral monument to William, 1st Baron Crofts and his second wife, Elizabeth.

When Charles II came to the Newmarket races, he often visited the Crofts at Saxham and in the spring of 1670, he attended a service at St Nicholas when a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, preach a lengthy sermon which has survived. Other interesting features in the church include the Jacobean pulpit, the carved oak eagle lectern, the oak extending Stuart funeral bier, two more Croft monuments in the vestry and the very tall Norman archway into the tower.  The pew ends are notable as well.  There is one with a beautifully carved praying figure.  The rest are exotic animals.  Two World War I war graves can be found in the churchyard. (The Parish Church of St Nicholas, Little Saxham, by John Wolton and Julia Abel Smith)

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